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Gratis verzending vanaf 30 euro.
Find the perfect swimming goggles!

Find the perfect swimming goggles!


Find the ultimate swimming goggles!


Having the perfect swimming goggles is similar to having super power; you can look perfectly underwater and the glasses feel like part of your own body. However, finding your perfect glasses can take some effort. These are the things you want to know when you start your search for the perfect goggles.


Swimming goggles come in many different shapes and styles that suit the needs of different types of swimmers. The prices may vary depending on the model and functionality. Here are some tips that you can take into consideration when making the right choice.




Most swimming goggles have an oval glass that you look through. That's great if you only have to look straight ahead. But if you swim in open water, you probably want to wear something that doesn't block your "blind spots". Then make sure that the glasses of the swimming goggles on the side end slightly, as you can see with these glasses. With this you also create a view on the sides!







In both cases, swimming goggles with tinted or mirrored glasses help to protect your eyes from (bright) light, such as   these glasses . Light is filtered by the color or mirror. This way you can continue to watch underwater undisturbed. If you only swim in a covered (and relatively dark) swimming pool, the color of the glasses does not matter. In this case, too, you can opt for colored or mirrored glasses, but transparent glasses can then be perfectly worn!

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In general, standard fitness swimming goggles are made of 1 piece of material with no adjustable nose bridge. Due to the flexibility of the material, the nose bridge stretches a little. Other swimming goggles have interchangeable nose bridges so you can change the distance between the eye cups to refine the fit. Most glasses with a removable nose bridge are supplied with a standard size nose bridge + 2 other sizes. Some glasses come with even more sizes or even different colors of nose bridges, such as with   these swimming goggles . This way you can customize your own glasses according to your wishes!

Cobra ultra mirrorEnvision arena




When you buy a fitness goggle like this, for example to be able to swim laps, it is fine if your goggles have a single strap. If you do competitive swimming, this can be a disadvantage because the strap can drop down. Double straps can offer the solution in this case; You wear the lower strap in the usual place and the upper strap as high as possible. This prevents the glasses from sliding down!


AquapureArena cobra core mirror





Some swimming goggles have small eye caps that fit better in your eye sockets. Because these glasses are very small and are "pressed into the face", the glasses are a lot more streamlined and give little resistance in the water, such as for example   these swimming goggles . These types of glasses are often worn by competitive swimmers and are less comfortable to wear for a long time or to use for training. Then there are swimming goggles that are a lot bigger that fit more along your forehead and cheekbones, like you do at   these glasses   can see. These glasses are often worn during training or job swimming. The glasses are comfortable on the face and have less chance of circles on the face.

Speedo V glassArena cobra ultra




Glasses can only be leakproof if the frame makes an airtight seal on your face. Everyone has a different face. The glasses of your swimming buddy that appears to be completely leak-free, can leak with you!  

You can check the fit of glasses by fitting a pair of swimming goggles. Stick the glasses on your face, without the strap, and press hard. The picture below shows how you do such a thing. If the glasses stick to your face for a few seconds, you know that the glasses have a good fit.

Testen op lekvrije pasvorm zwembril




Then it is up to you to decide what you feel comfortable with. If the nose bridge cuts into your nose, or if the glasses are uncomfortably tight on your eyes, then it is not glasses that you will enjoy. Everything that doesn't feel right during fitting will feel even worse after a long workout. Swimmers who prefer small, tight ones   racing glasses , often use comfortable swimming goggles for daily swimming training.




During your search for the right fit, you can also look at other categories. For example, it may happen that as a woman you may need a man's size, or vice versa! In addition, there are also people with a narrow or smaller face. In this case, children's glasses can sometimes be the solution!



It is possible that the anti-fog layer in your swimming goggles will become windier over time. The updated Antifog spray from Arena ensures that the lenses of your swimming goggles do not cover from the inside, which ensures that the vision remains excellent! Only € 9,95.

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